Parties + Frozen Margeritas + the love of a girl + the arms of a motherfucker.

by - 20:23

 Of all the things that could, and actually happened this year, he was the best, but also the worst.
 It was a May 25, and that saturday would be just another saturday night out with my friends: having fun, drinking, messing up.
 But there was him, and at first sight, i didnt give a fuck about he's trying to get my attention, he was not my type, but word by word he got me falling, so i surrendered. When he asked me to dance, that sparkle that was once stolen from my eyes came back.
 That party was so last season and we decided to get out of there, we went to a bar : me, him, my friends and his.
 We danced and kissed all night long, and then he took me home. I was like : "It was just a night, like it was with all the other gus before him".
  May 26, and i spent the entire day thinking about him, and i even sent him a text saying how much i loved that night, he didnt answer, and i was like : "I Knew it!"
  What a surprise when, the next day: May 27, he called me, and said he loved that saturday too, and wanted to see me again.
  May 28, my birthday, i invited him, and he went, i drunk something called Frozen Margerita, and got fuckin crazy, we messed up in his car, and i needed no other gift. Still, he said he was the gifted one, i melted.
  I told him i was a lightweight,  and still he said he wanted me bad, and i wanted him too (I still do, I still, DESPERATELY do)
  I went to a party on wednesday, May 29, I didnt want to stay with anybody else but him, so i sent him a text like: "What you doing?", he answered and questioned back, and as soon as i told him where i was, he went there and again, we danced and kissed all night long.
  He said we'd meet again, and i do admit that we did keep in touch for sometime. But that May 29, was the last time i saw him.
  He used to call me love, my love, babe, beautiful, mine. And tell me how bad he wanted me, i blindely believed. we were supposed to meet on saturday, but he called it off.
  Yesterday, June 9, I went to the mall to buy him a gift, this wednesday's valentine's day, and he said he needed no gift but me. Anyway, i spent all the money i had left, on a beautiful t-shirt for him. And that was just to hear him say he didnt need any t-shirt, and he got back with his ex.
  I felt the weight of the world on my heart, breaking it slowly in fuckin little pieces. But he, he didnt need to know that, so i said i'd be just fine without him.I was angry, i cryied, i damnned him, when all i needed was that motherfucker's arms around me.

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