My Own Fault

by - 20:05

"Where do i go?
Every direction seems to be agains the floor
And who will i be?
What does it mean to just be me?
So tired of having to choose
Where i'll be?
N what im gonna do?"

This song pretty much describes me right now, in the same way it describes myself every since i was forced to choose between making you, or making me happy.
N i really, from the bottom of my fucked up heart, wish you wont feel sorry for it, even though most of the times i've felt like you should, your love is the best one ive had, n i really dont wanna blow it.
Its all my fault anyway, i chose this path, i chose persuing your dream before moving on with mine.
You think im happy, thats obvious, i look happy.
Right now, im on the third year of college,
Studying subjects that i really hate, n most of the time, i wish i wasnt doing this.
But i dry my tears, wake up, put my make up and shades to hide the sadness, and go on with this madness i call life.
I love my friends, and my idols, music ad friendship helped me trhough a lot.and i bet you didnt even notice.
Thats ok, i love you, im doing this only, and just for you,
And dont you worry, ill keep repeating to myself :

" its my fault, its my fault, my own fault"

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