Like i've never been gotten before

by - 17:09

Heyy bitches!

long time no writing!!!!,
Well today im talking about something really fuckin cool!
I know its been a fuckin long time this was released , but have you ever listened to Gotten by Slash and Adam Levine??
Well, i did, sometime ago, and you know what? i though i knew perfection, till i heard this song,
Its Slash and you know he fuckin rules right?
But Adam Levine's voice is much more beautiful on this song!
Hes not just a beautiful face and i found it out!
Just kiddin i love Maroon 5, but singing with a rockstar wasnt something i expected from him, his kind more into hookin up with models, NO OFENSE!
Anyway if you didnt, listen to the song, do it, ITS FUCKIN WORTH!

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