You'll be tomorrow what, today, you believe you can be!

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Hey everyone,

Woke up at fucking 6 AM today bitches,
 The reason was: I went to an all-day speech(is this how you fuckin' say it?) theme: administration, you can imagine how damn excited i was when my fucking alarm clock fucking rang.. i was like "good morning bitches, today im going to fucking pass my fucking SATURDAY whatching a fucking speech FUCKING SCREWWW ME!"
   So... Overflowing with happiness i went... And the first one to speak was Floriano Barboza, he talked about motivation.
 Well, every since his first word i was loving that , and this time i really mean it ,
He made us believe in ourselves with each and every word , and after that, i swear im changed, i kinda found my faith again bitches!!!! SUPERDAMNEXCITED!!
 I dont even need to say that all the others who spoke were good, but were nothing to compare.
 As soon as his speech was over i chased him to say everything he said was incredible and i loved it , and of course thank him.And with all the simpathy he called me wonderful and thanked me too *---*
 Now , with my strengh renewed, im here to help you renew yours( in case you need, of course). here i'll leave the lyrics translation of the chorus of a song he put at the end of the speech:

"Você verá que é mesmo assim, que a história não tem fim
Continua sempre que você responde sim à sua imaginação
A arte de sorrir cada vez que o mundo diz não
E eu desejo amar todos que eu cruzar pelo meu caminho
Como eu sou feliz, eu quero ver feliz
Quem andar comigo, vem"

"And you will see this is the way, the story wont have an end
it goes on everytime you say yes to your imagination
the art of smiling everytime the world tells you no, 
and i desire to love everyone that cross my way
as im happy, i wanna see happy whos with me, 
so come on"

Come The Fuck on bitches!!! Forget the haters, Wait, wait wait, TELL THEM TO FUCK UP!
We're over it bitches! We Can!!!!
Fucking Love ya!

By: Gutty B.

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