Make up Boss!

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Hey everyone,

Today i was looking for some good make up tutorials on youtube and i found this damn incredibly talented girl, her name is Promise Tamang Phan, and with a little make up she can do fuckin real miracles.
 She can fuckin turn into any person or character you want, 

Now just fuckin watch it :

Here is a picture of hers without make up:

Beautiful, aint she?

Well, pay the fuck attention on this now :

She as Megan Fox :

She as Angelina Jolie :

She as Kim Kardashian:

She as Taylor Swift:

She as Pocahontas:

She as Miss Jessica Rabbit:

She as Marilyn Monroe:

She as Scarlet Johansson:

And she as the Little Marmeid:

Incredible, isnt she?

Unbelievable, isnt it?

If  you wanna know how, look for her on youtube, there are all of these tutorials and many others like Adriana Lima, Lady Gaga and Barbie.

Now do me a fuckin favor,
like her on Facebook
And follow her on twitter : @TamangPhan
If you are a make up fan, you wont regret it!

Fucking love ya,

By: Gutty B.

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